Sunday, August 25, 2013

one facet of a leap of faith

fortheloveofmymotherscloset is, as the name proclaims, a tribute to the woman who cultivated my appreciation for quality clothing, via thrifting. Her name is VSims and she has much to do with me being comfortable enough to express my own sense of style, whenever and where ever I please.
The forthcoming pages are meant to amuse and schmooze while I enthuse over the unique, the fancy and the fabulous (fashion wise, that is).

A little background for the curious?... Yes?
Well, I am a mother of two little ones, which means I do most of my typing with one hand, and a baby on my lap. I'm a New Yorker, raised in the eighties on tofu and tempeh. All my clothes came from thrift stores growing up and I was always only allowed to wear my hair in its natural state. Most of the things that got me teased as a kid have turned out to be present-day cool. Go figure.

I used to be ashamed of my mother's shopping at Goodwill and the like. But I realize now that I learned to be an independent thinker while following her amid those clothing racks. Trends and the Joneses never really had a chance... Up until my early twenties, thrifting was a secret we shared. No one knew where my clothes came from and to anyone who asked my reply was always the same: "I stole this from my mothers closet." Lol!

Style wise, I am in love with intricacies and anything hand made. Quality fabrics, moody colors, patterns and respectful amounts of sequence make me happy. My favorite season for dressing is Fall. And my inner seamstress grows more upset, every new day that I put off learning to sew.

The birth of my second child has created a revolution in my life. This blog is one facet of a recent leap of faith. My mother and I have started a small business selling the spilling over of our closets called, AGAIN threads&things. After countless years of vintage shopping like it is my job, I figure why not make it so! So... My no facebook, no twitter having self is putting aside all social media skepticism to join this century and the virtual universe... Bare with me... Stay with me y'all.